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Brief "Q" & "A" about the Songsters Quartet

Question #1: Who is the Songsters Quartet of Akron, Ohio?   

 Answer:  Formed 1960 at ABT to sing the “Good NEWs” of Jesus Christ.  We sing because

 of our relationship with Jesus Christ, we live our lives as born again believers. Thankful for

 His Redemption, Thrilled to sing His praises, Humbled to know OUR calling, Yearning to reach       

 others with the Gospel in Song and Word.   Current members:  Jerry & Sharon Waldrop (center)  

 (Lead/Tenor), Bob Christy (R) (Bass), Tim Thomas (L) (baritone) 

 Question #2: How have the members of the Songsters Quartet prepared?  

 Answer: The Scripture teaches to "study to show thy self approved".  Members vary, here are a  

 few; Old school Shape Notes -Vaughn/Stamp Baxter, Studied Music/Voice/Instruments in Bible  

 College. Private tutelage and training by the best Jerry Waldrop SR. Training Studio Sound

 Engineer.  The Songsters have also mentored and trained other singers and help form other

 Gospel groups who are in the industry today.

 Question #3: When & where does the Songsters Quartet Ministers?

 Answers: Church congregations and Youth groups mainly on weekends (Friday – Sunday)  

 Concerts, Revivals, Fairs, Festivals and Mission Trips.  Basically a nine hour radius of Akron, Ohio.           

 *Special times set aside to tour in the southern states and Mission trips.

 Songsters also Teach Youth Groups, Pulpit fill and Missionary work.

 Locations:  Dulcie, New Mexico-Hickoria Apache Reservation,  International Mission Board in  

 Europe:  Romania working with Nationals  and Gypsies, South America Mexico & Belize, recently

 in Israel - Building and Repairs. 

Songsters support two mission schools in Sinisti and Jilava Romania, these children stole our hearts. 

 If you are interested in supporting these two schools or mission trips, or possibly being a member of a missions

team please contact The Songsters Evangelistic Team, Inc.


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