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  The Songsters - Jesus, Speaking Peace To A Troubled Soul

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  1. Let's Go In To The Land
  2. The Very Same Man
  3. Mary Did You Know
  4. He Touched Me
  5. There's Something About That Name
  6. In The Shadow Of His Wings
  7. I'm Ready For The Gates Of Pearl
  8. I Feel Like Running
  9. Sinner Saved By Grace
10. Anchor Is Stronger Than The Storm




The Songsters Quartet - Through The Years 1996-2000

It’s Still The Cross
  1. It’s Still The Cross
  2. Anchor Will Hold Us
  3. Wouldn’t You Like To Live
  4. Oh What A Savior
  5. They That Sow
  6. Jesus Died So I Don’t Have To
  7. Rainbow Of Love 
  8. I Wanna Know
  9. There Is An Unseen Hand

Tools For The Kingdom
10. At The Cross
11. Life Will Be Sweeter
12. Say A Prayer
13. Oh My Lord 
14. Hide Thou Me

Clear The Road To Glory...Glory!
15. Clear The Road
16. Beautiful Heaven 
17. Yesterday 
18. Old Rugged Cross
19. I Just Want To Please The Lord
20. I’m Not Givin’ Up 
21. Laughing Song




The Songsters Quartet - Under His Wings

  1. Jesus Is The One
  2. The Anchor Is Stronger Than The Storm
  3. When Morning Comes
  4. In The Shadow Of His Wings
  5. Lay Down Your Armor
  6. Praise His High And Holy Name
  7. He's Coming Back
  8. God Will Not Lead Where His Grace Will Not Keep
  9. I Feel Like Runnin'
10. When Jesus Passed By
11. I'm Ready





The Songsters Quartet - That Very Same Man


  1. Very Same Man
  2. At The Cross
  3. I Believe
  4. Sinner Saved By Grace
  5. Clear The Road
  6. Let's Go In
  7. Land Of No Time
  8. Life Will Be Sweeter
  9. Oh My Lord What A Time
10. Oh What A Savior